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SM0033 Speed-Midget 4-ton Hand Hydraulic Pump


SM0033 Speed-Midget pumps have the following exclusive features:

  • Filter screens at hose holes to prevent dirt from entering pump or ram
  • Magnet in pump reservoir designed to accumulate metal chips and filings to insure correct ball valve seating and to prevent ram seal damage
  • Fast turn valve release for ease in extending and retracting ram
  • Broad base design for pump stability in awkward positions
  • Quick opening turn filler screw for ease in operating, bleeding and adding hydraulic oil
  • Foolproof retaining clip so release valve cannot be removed inadvertently
  • Stainless steel balls and springs are seated in a coined steel seat for long trouble-free life
  • Maxi-micro finish on pump piston insures that the pump seals last longer
  • Pump piston packings are heat resistant for longer life
  • Safety relief valve allows safe, no overload operation
  • Every P-F pump is factory tested twice for correct pumping pressure
  • Liquid sealant used on hose connections eliminates possible leaks
  • New baked epoxy finish gives corrosion protection and long like-new appearance
  • Soft plastic pump handle grip for comfortable operation
  • Pump handle unscrews for easy storage
  • All steel drop forged pump base guaranteed to take years of hard use
  • Detergent, non-foaming P-F hydraulic oil is formulated for proper lubrication of seals and non-corrosive operation

The SM0033 is a versatile, remote control pump for use with all Speed-Midget rams.  Lightweight, compact for portable or fixed applications…6 pump strokes per inch (25 mm) of ram travel, 30 strokes for full extension.  Built-in filters and magnet for longer, trouble-free service.


  • PSI developed – 7000 (490 kg/cm2)

  • Oil Capacity – 12- cu. in. (200 cm3)

  • Displacement/stroke cu. in. - .196 (3 cm3)

  • Pump plunger stroke – 1” (25 mm)

  • Weight (with oil) pounds – 9 (4 kg)

  • Hose hole thread – ” – 18 NPTF

For use with rams SM0034, SM0024, SM0014, SM0014T and SM0034P and spreader SM0100




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