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SL0004  4" Tube Extension


P-F SpeedLok tubing enables the operator to make lightening fast assemblies.  Precision machined from cold rolled, high carbon steel. Faster and easier to assemble than threaded tubing.  No threads to become worn or damaged.  No time lost for aligning tubing for screwing together.  Pieces snap together for pushing, pins (SL0007) snap in for pulling. Use these pieces of tubing in any combination (up to 7' (213 cm) total including the ram) - at either end or both ends of ram to get desired length of hook-up.

   3 time faster and 2 times stronger than threaded pipe!



  • Length - 4" (101 mm)

  • Weight - 13 oz. (0,37 kg)


Included with sets PF0043, PF1043P, PF1443H, PF1443P, PF0050, PF1050P, PH1450H and PF1450P. 
















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