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T-Torker Kit

Soil Pipe Coupling Torque Wrenches

T-Torker Kit

For tightening bands on no hub couplings


  • Wrenches and sockets combinable to fit standard, medium and heavy duty no-hub couplings

  • Color code on torque handles

  • Red = 60 inch-pounds

  • Blue = 80 inch-pounds

  • Includes 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" hex sockets

  • Fast, easy one handed tightening in the right-hand direction

  • T-shaped handle creates effective leverage

  • Torque values accurate to 10%

  • Guaranteed against defects in Material and workmanship for one year


Optional carrying case with

shoulder strap and belt loop

  MODEL For Couplings by
T-60 Red Anaco (up to 10"), Fernco, Mission Standard, Ideal Standard, CPPI, LDR, D.O. Smith
T-80 Blue Anaco (12" - 15"), Anaheim/Tyler Pipe, Clamp-all, Husky SD & HD, Mission Heavy Weight, ThermaFit, Ideal MD & HD
1/4" hex Clamp-all
5/16" hex Anaco (up to 10"), Fernco, Mission Standard, Ideal Standard & MD, CPPI, LDR, D.O. Smith
3/8" hex Anaco (12"-15"), Anaheim/Tyler Pipe, Ideal HD

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