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Ratchet Clutches - Series 700


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Series 700



 Series 700 Ratchet Clutches

  Light, Durable, and Economical


  • Fingertip Control of a range of motion

  • Control lever can be connected to hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric actuators for remote shifting.

  • Simple design ensures durability and reduces purchase and operating costs.

  • High Drive to torque ratio

  • Maximum driving efficiency

  • Minimal overrunning torque

  • Versatile mounting options

  • 100% Made in USA


HOW TO ORDER: Specify both handle and gear by stock number as shown in the Standard Size Chart.

Example: Model 701 handle with 5/8" square gear opening = 70100-82938.


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ANSI B17.1 Standard Keyways


Service Factors Multiply the rated torque by the service factor for actual torque


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