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CA-Series Chain Accessories



  • 100% made in USA
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Designed for use with 3/8" Grade 70 chain
  • Heat treated alloy steel
  • All parts drop-forged for strength
  • Time-saving accessories make for quick set-ups and changes
An entire family of time-saving chain accessories designed to make your life easier. Our hitches, catches, slip and grab hooks, tear drops and shackles help make set-ups and changes quick and easy. Is the chain too short or too long? Need a double hook on the fly? P-F chain accessories save you time and money. We also offer 3/8" grade 70 chain to give you everything you need.
CA0156 Quick Hitch
CA0157 Quick Catch
CA0166 Single Chain Catch
CA0167 Double Chain Catch
CA0176 3/8" Alloy Clevis Slip Hook
CA0177 3/8" Alloy Clevis Grab Hook
CA1396 Tear Drop
CA1397 Shackle
CACHA1 Universal Cluster Hook Assembly
CA0375 3/8" grade 70 chain

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