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Observation Windows

Premium Oil Level Windows

Oil Windows - push fit


Oil Windows

For trouble-free visual inspection.


  • Solid, shock-resistant transparent acrylic

  • Withstands temperatures up to 158 degrees F  (70 degrees C) and internal pressures up to 8.8 PSI (0.61 Bar) or higher with optional guard ring

  • Removable film protects polished face from damage during delivery and assembly

  • White reflectors are furnished with all windows up to 8 inch diameter (removable if not desired)

Completely oil-tight Lowell observation windows provide a clear view of gears, lube level, couplings, chain, or switches in sealed or oil immersed areas.
Lowell observation windows are quickly and easily installed by simply pressing into a plain bore.  They require no reaming, tapping or shellac seal.  For installation in a machine housing windows up to 8 inch require a smooth and slightly chamfered bore in a wall thickness of 1/4 inch (without reinforcement). 
High pressures can be handled by windows supplied with a guard ring that is secured to the housing with three screws. No special facing is required.
Larger windows are used to observe clutches, limit switches, gears and other internal components during machine operation.  They can be easily removed for access to internal adjustments and then easily replaced to provide an oil and dust -tight seal.


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