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Dual End Distribution Wrenches

One wrench does the work of many!

  • Five socket sizes in one wrench

                - Square = 3/4"(oversize), 1" & 1-1/8"

                - Hex = 9/16" & 3/4"

                - (3/4" Hex also turns 5/8" square nuts)

  • Three handle lengths

                - 8" (model 100TDE), 9" (model 101TDE) & 12" (model 103TDE)

  • Ergonomic handle shapes make work more comfortable

  • Reversing control on both ends

  • Twice as strong as a standard ratcheting box wrench

  • Fluorescent orange sockets make the wrenches harder to lose, easier to find

  • Bolt-thru design lets bolts pass entirely through sockets and arm head so nuts can be secured on any threaded length.


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