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Utility Belt "Bolt-Thru" Ratchet Wrench Holster




  • 2 piece screw rivet quickly attaches to any tool belt

  • Steel Frame

  • Leather back

  • Accommodates all Lowell Ratcheting Lineman's Wrenches including 150, 150T, 151, 151T, 103T, 104T, 105T and 152

  • Item number: 21-84940-H001


Utility Belt Holster Flyer


Belt Loop "Bolt-Thru" Ratchet Wrench Holster




  • Loop accommodates up to a 2" wide belt

  • Steel Frame

  • Leather back

  • Holds all Lowell Ratcheting Lineman's Wrenches, Doubleshot Wrenches, Dual Socket Wrenches and other 150 Series fabricated steel handle wrenches

  • Item number: 21-84940-H002


Belt-Loop Holster Flyer



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