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#101 XRS Pad Mount Transformer Wrench


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101 XRS Pad Mount Transformer Wrench

Lineman's Wrench Accessories

 Length = 7"

 Weight = 1.5 lbs

 90 lb-ft capability

 32 gear teeth

 Vinyl grip for comfort

Socket Openings

 3/4" hex

 7/8" pentagon


Model 101 XRS Pad Mount Transformer Wrench

The Model 101 XRS is designed for the 5-point (security) pentagon and 3/4" hexagon hardware used in pad mount transformers.  It is built for tough duty with a rugged one-piece design that incorporates gear, shaft and sockets. The sturdy ratchet mechanism reverses with the flick of a lever. There are 32 teeth which reduce the throw angle between teeth and make the tool a good choice for working in tight areas. For extra strength, the head of the wrench is secured with a pin which also eliminates wobbling for better torque and reduced wear. Torque has been tested to 90 ft. lbs.

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