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#101T Mini Triple Square

Ratcheting Lineman's Wrench


 Length = 8"

 Weight = 1.5 lbs

 150 lb-ft capability


 Vinyl grip for comfort

Square Socket Openings

 3/4" for 1/2" hardware

 1" for 5/8" hardware

 1-1/8" for 3/4" hardware


Model 101T Mini Triple Square

The Model 101T Mini Triple Square ratcheting lineman's wrench is designed to meet the specific needs of high line utility workers. The 101T fits most common utility pole fasteners: lag bolts, C-clamps, and suspension bolts. The reduced socket depth and short handle length makes the tool easier to use in tight spaces. The compact size and light weight make it less tiring to use for extended periods or to carry in a tool-belt. Although the new wrench is compact  in size, it still delivers big time performance with a torque capacity of 150 lb/ft.

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