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SM0014T Two-Stage 4-ton Telescoping Mini-Ram






This extra short ram can be used with P-F Speed-Midget pumps having 1/4" quick disconnect couplings for fast power in remote or restricted spaces.  Our smallest ram with a retracted height of only 2-5/16" (height with both pistons extended = 4-5/16").

Specifications Inch Metric  
Effective Piston Area 1.107 in2 7 cm2  
Piston Travel/Stroke 1.58" 4 mm  
Maximum Capacity (1st Stage) 4 tons 3.6t  
Maximum Capacity (2nd Stage) 1 tons 0,9t  
Retracted Height 2-5/16" 59 mm  
Piston Travel 2" 51 mm  
Extended Height 4-5/16" 109 mm  
Extended Height (1st Stage) 3-5/16" 84 mm  
Extended Height (2nd Stage) 4-5/16" 109 mm  
Stroke 2" 51 mm  
Cylinder Bore Diameter 1-3/16" 30 mm  
Piston Diameter (outer) 1-1/16" 27 mm  
Piston Diameter (inner) 5/8" 16 mm  
Spring Return No No  
Hose Hole Thread 1/4" - 18 NPTF  
Maximum O.D. 2" 51 mm  
Weight 1-1/2 lbs 0,7 kg  
Oil capacity 1.35 in3 22 cm3  
SM14T-ARM Two-Stage 4-ton Telescoping Mini-Ram


The SM14T-ARM Extension Arm is a very useful time-saving tool for inserting and/or placing the SM0014T Telescoping Mini-Ram or the standard SM0014 Ram into frame rails, motor mounts, door panels and many other confined areas. High visibility paint aids in the alignment.

SM14T-KIT includes one SM0014T Ram and one SM14T-ARM Arm
  The SM0014T Ram can be ordered with the SM14T-ARM Arm for easy access to hard to reach places
SM0014T printer friendly specifications SM0014T printer friendly flyer


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