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PF0153 Speed Midget Pull Kit

Add "pulling" capability to your SM0200 4-ton hydraulic jack with the PF0153 Pull Kit.

PF0153 Kit includes

Kit Weight: 12 lbs. (6 kg)


Useful anywhere you cannot reach with your frame machine pulling attachments or when multi point pulls are needed (fender-to-fender, rail-to-rail), or when frame machine hydraulics are not available.

Designed to give two inches (51 mm) of pull for every inch (25 mm) of ram travel.

Fast hook-up, fast pulling performance.  The jack can be located at any convenient place on the chain.

PF0152 Hydro-Chief™ Pull Kit


Add "pulling" capability to your BU0480 or BU1480 10-ton hydraulic jack with the PF0152 Pull Kit.

PF0152 Kit includes

Kit Weight: 18 lbs. (8 kg)




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