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Custom & OEM Applications


Lowell Flyer

Porter-Ferguson Flyer



Bent handle for pipe prep tool

Hinged handle for mobilizer

Lock for folding helicopter tail

Ratchet arm for soil probe

Custom & OEM Applications


Lowell wrenches, clutches and specialty tools and Porter-Ferguson hydraulics and clamps are the standard in many critical utility, industrial and military applications.  If our standard products do not fit your needs we will help design a custom product for your unique application.


Lowell can modify an existing product, assist your design team with an application solution, custom design a completely new tool or manufacture a product to your print. Simple modifications include custom ratchet gear pass-through openings, alternative exterior finishes, custom handle lengths (longer or shorter), special marking and increased or decrease number of ratchet gear teeth. More complex customizations include exotic materials or a completely new design.



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