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PF 4-ton Hydraulics

Components and Accessories


BU0090	Steel Carrying Case (large)
BU0186	6' Chain - 1/4"
BU0187	Chain Pull Collar
BU0190	Bite-Tite Clamp
BU0190N	Narrow Nose Bite-Tite Clamp
BU0280	All Angle Pull Clamp with Side Pull Adapter
PF1000	Air/Hydraulic Pump
PF1200	Air/hydraulic Jack
SM0014	Extra Short Ram
SM0014T	Telescoping Mini-ram
SM0024	Short Ram
SM0033	Hand Pump
SM0034	Standard Ram
SM0034P	2-1/2 Ton Pull Ram
SM0039	Jack Body Toe
SM0040	Ram Extension Toe
SM0041	Jack Base
SM0042	V-notch Cap
SM0043	Rubber Head
SM0044	Offset Spreading Toe
SM0049	Ram Cap
SM0050	20" Tube Extension
SM0052	12" Tube Extension
SM0053	3" Tube Extension
SM0055	5" Tube Extension
SM0058	8" Tube Extension
SM0062	36" Tube Extension
SM0098	Steel Carrying Case
SM0100	Hydraulic Spreader
SM0134P	3-1/2 Ton Pull Ram
SM0200	Hand Hydraulic Jack (with SM0034 Ram)
SM0220	Hand Hydraulic Jack (with SM0024 Ram)
SM0210	Hand Hydraulic Jack (with SM0014 Ram)
SM0210T	Hand Hydraulic Jack (with SM0014T Ram)
SM0110	Hand Hydraulic Jack (with SM0100 Spreader)


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