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PF 10-ton Hydraulics

Components and Accessories


BU0090             Steel Carrying Case

BU0238             Pull Arm Assembly

BU0287             Chain Collar

BU0480             Hand/Hydraulic Jack with 6” Travel Ram

BU0483             Hand Pump

BU0484             6” Travel Ram

BU0575             Ram Cap

BU0580             Jack Base

BU0581             Cleated Base

BU0585             Ram Base Plug

BU0586             Cleated Ram Base Plug

BU0700             Rubber Base

BU0725             Short Nipple

BU0731             Coupling

BU0775             Pull Arm Guide

BU0904             Jack Body Nesting Toe

BU0905             Push-Pull Nesting Toe

BU0906             “V” Pushing Cap

BU0907             Offset Spreading Toe

BU0910             Chain Pull Head

BU0911             3/8” X 6’ Chain with 1 Grab Hook

BU0912             Long Spreading Toe

BU0913             V-notch Cap

BU0931             3/8” X 1’ Chain with 2 Grab Hooks

BU1480             Hand/Hydraulic Jack with 10” Travel Ram

BU1484             10” Travel Ram

PF1080             Air/Hydraulic Jack with 6” Travel Ram

PF1480             Air/Hydraulic Jack with 10” Travel Ram

PF2000             10 Ton Air/Hydraulic Pump

PF3000             10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Pump

SL0001             Male Threaded Adapter

SL0002             Female Threaded Adapter

SL0004             4” Tube Extension

SL0006             6” Tube Extension

SL0007             Pins

SL0008             8” Tube Extension

SL0009             Connector

SL0012             12” Tube Extension

SL0016             16” Tube Extension

SL0020             20” Tube Extension


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