P-F clamps enhance body shop versatility, speed.

                 WEST BOYLSTON, MA     August 8, 2012 . . .  Porter-Ferguson offers pull clamps to fit the needs and increase the versatility and throughput of large and small auto body repair shops. The rugged, drop forged clamps were designed by body repair professionals for maximum performance and long life.

            The BU0190 Bite-Tite™ Clamp is commonly used with a pull chain in stretching operations. The clamp’s reversible, heat-treated jaws securely grip metal or angled bead edges firmly.

            The BU0290 Pull Clamp is an all angle clamp. Its heat-treated, deep throat jaws fit easily over flanges while the saw tooth jaw faces ensure positive grip. The exclusive design holds tightly and pulls from 8 different angles in a 90 plane.

            When the BU0290 Pull Clamp is mated to the BU0285 clamp adapter, the combination becomes the BU0280 all-angle pull-clamp assembly. The two components hook up quickly and easily to form a rugged combination. This device does the work of eight ordinary clamps. With the adapter, the clamp can pull from any number of additional angles up to 180 and at right angles to the clamp jaw. The BU0280 can be used with all pull rigs and jack sets and is one of the most versatile and useful body shop tools.

            Like all of the company’s products, Porter-Ferguson clamps carry a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.

           Porter-Ferguson is a division of Lowell Corporation. For more information about P-F auto body repair tools, or for a full-line catalog on either P-F or Lowell tools, call 800/456-9355 or 508/835-2900, email customerservice@lowellcorp.com or visit the parent company’s website, www.lowellcorp.com.


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