P-F Soft Pull Straps are tough but gentle.


WEST BOYLSTON, MA     May 8, 2013 . . .  Unlike chains, Soft Pull Straps from Porter-Ferguson can handle a variety of pulling jobs without marring, galling, or damaging the work surface.


There are two models: 36" long and 60" long. Each is available in either standard or heavy duty pulling capacities.


For comfortable handling and to protect hands from pinching and cutting, all P-F straps have a double wall cover of durable Tuflex® material. This cover also prolongs strap lilfe as does an optional wear pad.


Although the straps provide heavy duty pulling power, they are lightweight and flexible enough to conform to odd-shaped objects such as trunk lids and fenders. Their flexibility makes it possible to use them in eye-to-eye, basket, or choker configurations. Because they are form-fitting, they deliver more uniform load distribution.


Pulllng capacities are: 5,300 lbs. for eye-to-eye standard, 10,600 lbs. heavy duty;  4,300 lbs. choker standard, 8,500 lbs. heavy duty; and 10,600 lbs. basket standard, 21,200 lbs. heavy duty.


Value is also an important benefit: the P-F straps cost less and offer greater flexibility and versatility than web straps. 


The straps are 100% made in USA and are OSHA-approved.


Porter-Ferguson Soft Pull Straps carry a lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship, subject to normal usage, wear and tear.


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