Dual end ratchet wrenches from Lowell Corporation give high line utility workers multiple options in a single tool for greater flexibility when tackling a variety of common pole fasteners, lag bolts, and C clamps. Each wrench has a ratcheting socket at one end and a ratcheting box at the other.

            The Models 101TDE and 103TDE are designed with the durability and turning power to meet the specific needs of linemen. To ensure longer tool life, each dual wrench uses the same solid construction as Lowell's proven 151T Lineman's wrench. In addition to being ready for tough duty, the wrenches can also generate the kind of torque necessary for loosening and tightening utility pole hardware.

            The ratcheting socket end of each wrench is a triple square providing three sizes: 3/4", 1", 1-1/8". The socket is made of cast-iron for durability and painted fluorescent orange for easy visibility and tracking. The other end is a ratcheting box hex with a low-profile for use in tight spots. The two hex sizes are 9/16" and 3/4". The latter will also turn 5/8" square nuts.

            The Model 100TDE is 8" long and weighs 1-14 lbs.; the Model 101TDE is 9" long and weighs 2 lbs.; the 103TDE is 12" long and weighs 2-1/4 lbs. All three wrenches fit in common holsters.

            All three wrenches have rugged, fabricated steel handles. A bolt-thru feature allows long bolts and threaded rods to pass completely through the wrench head. Each wrench also has a large control lever on the side of the head to make reversing easy.

            For more information about Lowell’s dual end lineman's wrenches, or for a full-line catalog, call 800/456-9355 or 508/835-2900, email,  or visit the company’s web site:



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