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Valve Wheel Wrench used as a cable bender



Lowell's Cable Benders are cast in iron or aluminum for durability and strength to meet the most demanding requirements.  The "V1" has a 1" opening for easily inserting cables up to 300 MCM.  The "V2" has a 1-5/16" opening for cables up to 600 MCM.  The rounded handle provides a comfortable grip.  The casting has no sharp edges to "cut" the cable jacket.  It is suggested that two handles be used for easier bends.


  Part# Length Opening Width Weight Capacity
     Cast Iron
V1 V9915 15" 1" 1.375" 1.8 lb 300 MCM
V2 V9922 22" 1.313" 2" 7.4 lb 600 MCM

     Cast Aluminum

V1 V9915A 14" 1" 1/375" .96 lb 300 MCM
V2 V9922A 20.5" 1.375" 2" 2.1 lb 200 MCM


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