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700 Series Low Cost Ratchet Clutch


           * photo courtesy of Pamarco Global Graphics


In this application, the Pamarco Global Graphics houses a Lowell Model #701 ratchet clutch in the end of a linear actuator that supports and transports an automatic ink dispensing unit used to dispense ink into the fountain of large offset sheet-fed printing presses. The #701 ratchet provides backstopping to a shaft, allowing this actuator/unit assembly to be rotated and held out of the way so that the operator can easily access the fountain for cleaning and to allow existing machine guarding to open.


Applications: Benefits:
  • Backstopping

  • Overrunning

  • Coupling

  • Indexing



  • Reversible

  • High drive torque to weight ratio

  • Maximum driving efficiency

  • Minimal overrunning torque

  • Versatile mounting options

  • Can be used singularly or in combination

  • Alignment is non critical


Ratchet clutches follow this link for more information about Lowell Ratchet Clutches



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